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    We encourage arrival 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This will allow ample time to get checked in at the front desk, add a DRIP Buddy if needed, peruse the wellness shoppe, purchase hydrating beverages, and use the washroom.
    It is strongly recommended to make an appointment to reserve your sauna unit. We are currently operating with six saunas, so we cannot guarantee walk-in availability, and want to be sure your sauna has come up to the desired temp for your arrival. If you'd like to come in and check out the studio, and find that no sauna treatment rooms are available, get your questions answered and book an appointment for a future date and time. We'd be "deLIGHTed" to assist you in your sauna journey. You can make sauna appointments in the following ways: • on the DRIP INFRARED APP! Download the DRIP Infrared app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. From there, you can create an account, purchase sauna sessions, sign up for memberships and reserve your sweat sessions! • text the front desk (574) 361-4538 • in-person at the studio • call the studio to reserve a sauna (574) 800-DRIP • book your appointments from the convenience of your cell phone or personal computer from our website • or search for DRIP Infrared on the MINDBODY app • text us and let "DRIPPY", our AI bot, assist in booking your session
    18 and older to reserve a sauna session. 16-17 year olds must have legal guardian present to sign waiver. 14-15 year olds must have legal guardian present in sauna session, plus signed waiver. Younger would require a medical professional sign off, plus the above requirements. The younger the individual, the shorter the duration and lower the temperature.
    Each private treatment room will have bath towels and spa robe wraps available for your use. FOR SAUNA: The more exposed skin, the better. Birthday suit? No problem! Please place the bath towel on the bench for you to sit on as a barrier, and to absorb excess sweat. You can absolutely wear your own clothes. Please be extra cautious with zippers, buttons, or any sharp details on your clothing, as to not scratch the sauna wood. Please also be courteous of any spray tan, or clothing which will dye our white towels. Please ask the front desk for other towels if you think you may have a color transfer. We highly recommend wearing or bringing an extra set of loose fitting clothing to change into once your sauna or plunge session is complete. Attempting to slip into snug denim jeans, leggings or other restrictive clothing isn't always so pleasant when the body is still wet. Plan accordingly. FOR COLD PLUNGE: Bathing suit, or shorts and sports bra is required! You can change clothes in the plunge room, or in the bathroom if you rinse off between sauna and plunge. FOR BODY ROLL: Full length, and form fitting sleeves and pants, as well as socks, are needed to use the lymphatic body roll machine. Avoid, zippers, buttons, decorative pieces, or anything with sharp objects to prevent injury and damage to machine. Keep your hair pulled back, and no loose jewelry. FOR PILATES: Workout wear and grippy socks! FOR BRAIN TAP: Comfortable clothing, prepare to relax.
    We have two luxurious washrooms with walk-in/roll-in showers. Each of the washrooms are identical, and ADA-accessible. A third restroom with shower is included within our expansion space. After an infrared sauna session, your body will continue to sweat as it naturally cools. While we don't recommend showering immediately after your sauna session, we understand that clients may be heading to work, or on with their day, and need to freshen up. Complementary shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are supplied in the shower dispensers, or feel free to bring your own.
    Absolutely, you can use your cell phone during your sauna session, or use this time for an opportunity to unplug from the outside world. DRIP Cabins & Studio saunas offer a small cabinet to store your phone in, to keep it from overheating, when not in use. Just like having your cell phone out in the sun, Infrared saunas can cause your device to overheat, limiting your devices functionality, and causing possible damage. There are two speakers within each sauna, plug your phone or tablet into the AUX outlet provided, or connect via Bluetooth, and enjoy your own tunes, podcast, or guided meditation . Prefer to watch a video on your device? No problem! The exterior handle on the glass door has a ledge to hold your device so it's visible from a seated position inside the sauna booth without needing to have your device in the heated space. Please be mindful of the sauna bathers on either side of your room, keep the volume at a reasonable level, or use your own headphones.
    Your choice! You can relax and meditate, listen to your music or a podcast, read a book, watch videos on your device situated outside the sauna CABIN, or chat with a DRIP BUDDY. If you are wanting to be a bit more active and increase those heat shock proteins even more, consider reserving the CABIN or RETREAT with removable benches for more space to lift light weights, or do yoga. Fitness equipment available for rent or purchase at the reception desk.
    While you don't need special eyewear for Infrared sauna use, you may opt for sunglasses when using the Red Light Therapy and Near Infrared lamp in the sauna. Its lights don't damage the eyes, but they are very bright, and for those with brightness sensitivity, sunglasses will make the sauna session more enjoyable of an experience. Infrared is an invisible light energy, that painlessly penetrates the skin and increases natural cellular responses to light and heat, which causes the body to sweat. Each sauna also comes equipped with 96 medical grade, colored LED lights in the ceiling. With an array of 12 color choices, and a guide on the healing properties associated with each color, you can choose to incorporate Chromotherapy into each and every sauna session, depending on your needs, mood, and energy level.
    After clients fill out a profile and input their credit card info, they are able to reserve and pay for their sauna sessions in advance. If a client does not show up for their reserved session, their credit card will be charged a late cancellation fee at the INTRO rate for that sauna. INTRO rate for STUDIO is $25, and $30 for CABINS and RETREAT. Clients have the option to early cancel their session, without penalty, up to 2 hours prior to their reserved session. Otherwise, a late cancellation fee will be charged to their credit card on file, and client will retain the paid pass on their account.
    Great question! First, let's start with the similarities...All packages and memberships are able to be used once per day. Each DRIP Infrared Sauna session can be up to 45 minutes, and is supplied with spa sandals, a robe wrap, spa headband, towels, and complimentary filtered water. There are a few options for sauna pricing: INTRO Offers CORE Pricing DRIP Memberships ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DRIP INTRO OFFERS Open to all clients! You can purchase any of the intro offers at any point during your DRIP Infrared journey, not reserved to new clients. As each offer is used, it will expire. INTRO STUDIO $25 INTRO CABIN $30 INTRO PREMIER CABIN $30 INTRO RETREAT $30 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DRIP CORE PRICING Our package pricing is a group of pre-purchased sauna sessions at a discounted rate compared to purchasing a single session for each visit. Our packages can be shared between 2 people and have a 6 month expiration date from first use. STUDIO - SINGLE SESSION 45 MINUTES $38 4 DRIPS - STUDIO $119 10 DRIPS - STUDIO $249 20 DRIPS - STUDIO $439 CABINS/RETREAT - SINGLE SESSION 45 MINUTES $43 4 DRIPS - CABINS/RETREAT $139 10 DRIPS - CABINS/RETREAT $299 20 DRIPS - CABINS/RETREAT $539 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SHORT ON TIME? JUST GETTING ACCLIMATED TO HEAT/LIGHT THERAPY? QUICK DRIP - 25 MINUTES $25 STUDIO $30 CABINS/RETREAT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DRIP MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS Each of the monthly memberships are per person, and non-shareable. STUDIO (sauna booth fits 1-2 people) STUDIO 6 Month Prepaid 12 STUDIO/month - 6 months = 72 sessions $1050 STUDIO 8 8 STUDIO/month - Auto Monthly Payment 3 month minimum contract $169/month STUDIO 12 12 STUDIO/month - Auto Monthly Payment 3 month minimum contract $219/month CABINS or RETREAT (sauna booth fits 1-3 people) DRIP CABINS/RETREAT 6 Month Prepaid 12 CABIN or RETREAT/month - 6 months = 72 sessions $1300 DRIP CABINS/RETREAT 8 8 CABINS or RETREAT/month - Auto Monthly Payment 3 month minimum contract $199/month DRIP CABINS/RETREAT 12 12 CABINS or RETREAT/month - Auto Monthly Payment 3 month minimum contract $259/month STUDIO 8 and DRIP CABINS/RETREAT 8 members can use the sauna 8 times per month; STUDIO 12 and DRIP CABINS/RETREAT 12 members use the sauna 12 times per month. If your membership is purchased on the 17th, your card on file will be billed on the 17th of each month, and you will receive the sessions on your account to book at your leisure. For our best DRIPPY value, clients can purchase a 6 month membership, paid in full, in advance, and use the sauna 12 times per month, for each of those six months. Totaling 72 sauna sessions. Memberships also come with perks! DRIP Members receive 20% off all retail items in our curated wellness shoppe, plus 20% off all enhancements and sauna add-ons. Have a friend or family member you want to introduce to DRIP Infrared? They can join you in your session! ADD A DRIP BUDDY is one of our most popular add-ons. If you are an avid sauna bather and plan to come more frequently than your membership allows, all extra sessions will be charged at the single session INTRO rate pricing, for that particular sauna. $25 STUDIO, $30 CABINS/RETREAT. When booking an appointment on the app or website, simply reserve the initial appointment time for your desired sauna unit, and have your DRIP Buddy meet you at the sauna studio 5 minutes before the reserved sauna session. The DRIP Buddy will create their own profile, sign waiver, and have time to use the facilities or change into a spa robe wrap prior to your appointment time.
    DRIP Infrared has 3 sizes of saunas. Each private sauna can hold multiple clients per 45 minute sauna session. Our STUDIO Sauna can fit 1-2 people, the CABIN and RETREAT Saunas can both fit 1-3 people, comfortably. One client must use a single session, or DRIP multi-pack session, so they can add DRIP Buddies for a flat rate of $20 per person. For DRIP Masters and DRIP Squad Members, there is a membership perk of 20% off add-on sauna enhancements, which brings the DRIP Buddy price down to $16! Once a client has reserved their sauna appointment, they simply ask their DRIP Buddy to meet them at the sauna STUDIO 5-10 minutes prior to the reserved time. Liability waivers will be signed, and payments processed during check-in. *DRIP Buddy pricing is not valid on INTRO offers Two clients can use their own membership passes, multi-DRIP passes, or single sessions during one sauna session, or with a DRIP Buddy. Or reserve a sauna session for two INTRO offers. **If a client has an active membership (6 months prepaid, SQUAD 8, SQUAD 12 or DRIP Master 10) they receive a membership perk of 20% off all add-ons, DRIP Buddies = $16 per DRIP Buddy!
    Each client is allowed to purchased the INTRO sessions just one time. There are four intro offers. A single session in each of the four saunas, STUDIO, CABIN, PREMIER CABIN and RETREAT. Each of these INTRO offers can only be purchased a single time, once used, the offer expires.
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