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DRIP Infrared has six private sauna treatment rooms, and two ADA-accessible restrooms with shower facilities.

Each Sauna room has a changing space with a teak bench, a nice little area to take breaks during your sauna session. There are five full-spectrum Infrared saunas and one FAR Infrared sauna. All saunas have a red light therapy device mounted to the glass door, and medical grade chromotherapy lights in the sauna ceiling panel. 

Visible and invisible light painlessly penetrate the skin to create a cellular response, inducing a deep sweat. DRIP offers 25 and 45 minute sauna sessions for the body to become acclimated to light and heat therapy.

Our sauna studio is fully stocked with towels, and we offer complementary spa robe wraps, headbands and sandals. There is a water dispensing station with cups in the hallway, or bottles for purchase in the wellness shoppe. It is highly encouraged and recommended to hydrate more on sauna days, and replace lost electrolytes to maintain proper mineral levels within the body.

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